Need Halloween Inspo? Read THIS

It's the second-most wonderful time of the year: Sweater weather's poppin'; the pumpkin spice flows like water, and every damn weekend is a costume party. Don't waste the opportunity by showing up as a basic witch.

To that end, we're teaming up with Pinterest to give you an entire month of Halloween hacks (31, in fact, right this way), from scary-easy pumpkin-keg DIYs to scary-awesome cocktails to scary-WTF-actually-kinda-scary decorations. Because friends don't let friends put on cat ears and call it a night.

Check back here every day for a spooky shortcut to help you bring your Halloween A-game, and trick or treat yourself to endless costume combinations with a round (or 10) of #HalloweenHacker. While you're at it, check out Short Cuts for hair and makeup tutorials inspired by our favorite Pinterest hacks that'll knock 'em dead. Get it, ghoul!

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