Pills, Thrills, and Bellyaches! A Vintage Pillbox Roundup

We don't care what you stash away in these fine little vessels, there's just something proper and wonderful about having a need for such a thing. "Yes, I possess a pill box," you say. "So what of it?" Although there are plenty of modern, glitzy varieties of the pillbox on eBay (très Valley of the Dolls), we prefer the more demure ones that hearken back to a time when dependency on patent medicine (yummy, yummy laudanum) and later prescription drugs (yummy, yummy Valium) was simply a rite of passage. Even if over 40% of Americans are popping doctor-approved pharmaceuticals, we truly hope that you're using these beauts to carry your Starbucks mints instead of quaaludes. Actually, on second thought…

Serious and heir-loomy, you know this pewter number didn't carry tic-tacs.
As psychedelic as anything you could swallow, this buggy box is a worthy spot for all manner of feel-goods.
Eclectic, sort of Deco. This carved cameo style container would look just as good on your lapel, but then it couldn't carry your psychopharmaceuticals.
This doggy repository is playful, wholesome, and you can always tell the doctor, "The dog ate my Xanax."

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