Window Shopper: Pierre Hardy’s $600 Sneakers

Listen, we know your brain cells are concentrating on all those insane post-holiday sales. So, we're real sorry to burst that thrifty instinct—walking through the West Village this morning, we spotted a lil' something that's fierce and full-price. The item in question? A $575 (that's more than $600 with tax!) sneaker that landed in Pierre Hardy's Jane Street boutique today. You already know we need rehab for our addiction to the shoe designer's sexy shop, but these Blockorama bad-boys, with his signature patchwork and color-blocking done right, might send us into overdose territory. The sneaks are limited to just 500 pairs, (the 7th limited-edition of this model), with a size run meant to allow boys and girls to get in on the action. Even if your wallet's tuckered out from all of last year's gift-giving, stop in—just peeping these high-tops is enough to send your dopamine level skyrocketing. Le sigh.
Pierre Hardy Blockorama Sneakers, $575, available at Pierre Hardy, 30 Jane Street (near 8th Avenue); 646-449-0070.