Photos From Deep Inside Barneys Secret Studio With Adam Kimmel

This week we made an amazing new discovery of The Barneys Studio—who knew that existed? Turns out it not only exists, but it housed the exclusive launch party for the company's new Adam Kimmel x Carhartt collaboration. Artists George Herms and Paintallica pitched in to create an incredible installation—featuring hand-carved totem poles and colorful swatches of paper—that complimented the simple but still classic and rugged Carhartt pieces perfectly. When we cozied up to the hunk Kimmel (out of hottie girlfriend Leelee Sobieski's eyeshot, of course), he was more than happy to dish on the team-up: "Carhartt has a product for every guy no matter who you are, and it was important for me to really keep the look and feel of Carhartt with this collaboration." And despite the shenanigans at the party (electric carving and tequila shots!), Kimmel says, "It wasn't about some crazy story, it was really just about making some beautiful products." Which he did, infusing his own silhouettes with Carhartt's more relaxed offerings and softening up the materials a bit with materials like moleskins and brushed cotton. The results were nothing short of perfect menswear any guy would love to sport, though we're thinking those white overalls might not be the best look on Simon Doonan...
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All photos Neil Rasmus/

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