The Best Yoga Trend Involves Adorable Pets

Nailing a handstand is tough enough, but trying to remain balanced while your cat brushes its tail across your face sounds — well, delightful, but challenging. Inspired by a hilarious video (from The Huffington Post) of pets interrupting their owners' yoga flows, we decided to take the search to Instagram to see what everyone’s furry friends are up to on the mat.
What we learned: Dogs love the spotlight and are pretty awesome at photobombs. Pet yoga is not canine-centric, though; cats and even a bunny jumped in on the action. And, things got meta when one yogi snapped a picture of her tortoise pose next to a turtle.
Doing yoga with your pets even has its own hashtag. The #petsloveusdoingyoga campaign ran in September and has been extended for the month of October. The challenge is meant to be lighthearted; instead of fretting over every picture and adjusting the filter, white space, and framing, you just get to have fun and enjoy your home practice in all its imperfect, pet-crowded glory. If you really want to use your cat as a yoga prop, though, there’s always this video, which demos the proper form of the Utcatasana.