What’s Your Fashion “Thing”? 14 Women Weigh In

Pam Grier. Patti Smith. Audrey Hepburn. Coco Chanel. Hell, even your best friend whose opinion you always mentally consider when you're shopping for new clothes. Women who are known for having really, really good style aren't iconic because they wear everything, look good in everything, and approach every trend with enthusiasm. It's because they all have a thing — a signature quirk or predilection that they've championed, even when it's uncool to do it.
It's too easy to feel defeated when you're confronted with street style pictures of women who have access to the newest shit and the most exclusive pieces — especially when they're wearing individual items of clothing that cost more than everything you own combined. And while it's true that you can make "being really rich and trendy" your thing, that often doesn't make for the most interesting expressions of personal style. Really great, memorable, brain-tickling style comes in all different packages and price-points. We tapped 15 women whose outfits we're always stalking to find out what they consider their "thing." From super-specific silhouettes to an accessories mantra they hold on to no matter the ocassion, consider these the pure distillations of really great personal style.

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