Please Stop Trying To Have Peegasms

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
You know that feeling you get when you finally get to go the bathroom, after you've been holding it for a while? There's one word I'd use to describe it: satisfying. But some people take it a little further, calling the experience "orgasmic". And, more recently, it's been dubbed a peegasm.
It’s not clear when, exactly, the term peegasm was coined; it's definitely not a medical term. But it gained popularity in 2018 after a Reddit thread discussing the topic went viral. (One commenter fondly referred to the feeling as "piss shivers".)
"A peegasm is the intense release you feel when you pee after a long period of time holding it," Myisha Battle, certified sex and dating coach, tells Refinery29. "Some people report sensations similar to an orgasm."
Why it happens is pretty straightforward. "Our sex organs are situated very closely to our bladders, so it’s not entirely surprising that sensations in one area might affect the other," Battle says. "The sensation of a full bladder is something that a lot of people report as an enhancement during sex, so withholding urine for a euphoric release could be seen as another way to get at a similar feeling."
Buuuut... this particular habit might have some drawbacks. Peeing helps flush away bacteria in and around your bladder, according to Healthline. Holding your urine for too long, therefore, could increase your risk of UTIs, Angela Jones, MD, the ob/gyn behind the website, previously told Refinery29. "When you gotta go, go," she suggests.
If you're one of the many people who enjoy the sensation, there are safer ways to replicate it during sex or masturbation. "Some people use sex toys to recreate that sense of fullness," says Battle. "For instance, people with vulvas may enjoy a large dildo inserted in their vagina while being stimulated orally or anally. If timed correctly, you can remove the toy right at the point of orgasm, which can feel amazing."
Squirting can also introduce a peegasm-esque element into your bedroom. People who squirt sometimes say the sensation is similar to peeing during sex.
While it's not always possible to go as soon as the urge strikes, it's good practice to try to avoid holding it for too long. And if you're intentionally putting off trips to the bathroom to chase that peegasm feeling — think twice. It's definitely not worth a UTI. Or worse.

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