Past Present

Eight online vintage shops that make old treasures new again. By Christene Barberich

We will say this: The search for great vintage clothing sure ain't what it used to be. And even though we're still extremely happy to go hunting high and low for our own cast-off treasures (a khaki Jil Sander blazer was the score last weekend at the Salvation Army), we will admit that occasionally, we need some assistance. Luckily, the following eight online boutiques show us again and again why shop-clicking for vintage clothing, jewelry, and handbags can be so incredibly addictive.
A few of us around these parts have a serious Nasty Gal addiction (present company included). Divided between new finds and great old ones, this one-stop shop is a virtual treasure-trove of recession-friendly awesomeness.
What We Want: Ikat Crop Top, $64; Batik '80s Fringe Dress, $88.
Dulcinée doesn't mess around: They have gorgeous silk chiffon dresses from the '30s and an amazing selection of great big leather bags that we're sure Chloé would want to copy. But the prices reflect the quality here, so be prepared to spend a little extra—it's worth it.
What We Want: Zandra Rhodes Dress, $208; Italian Leather Bag, $448.
If I lived in Portland, I would probably hit this great little shop (not to be confused with the very famous Decades in L.A.) weekly. Since I do not live in Portland, I will be happy to partake of all their lovely and super affordable bejeweled bracelets, vintage eye frames, and insane faux furs.
We love how this clean, calming site contradicts all the dusty clutter people associate with vintage shopping. In addition to a fantastic array of vintage fashion books, Archive frequently stocks collectible pieces (Malcolm Starr, Ungaro, Feraud) at fair prices—and not just vintage but GREAT vintage.
One of the prettiest sites around, Vagabond definitely has a way of seducing you with their expert styling and great, simple photography. Good thing their prices on prime finds like a cropped leather blazer and a Comme Des Garcons dress are hardly obscene.
The vibe here is definitely thrift-store princess, but with such reasonable prices, you can take a chance on some great-looking '70s boots or a little romper without too much guilt.
What We Want: '70s Denim Playsuit, $71; '70s Riding Boots, $139.
Another next-generation vintage site that's mixing the old with the new, Adore Vintage has an impressive range of dresses from the '50s and '60s (if that's your style). But if you're in the market for some serious old-school jewelry at equally vintage prices, you've come to the right place.
What We Want: Tuscan Sun Necklace, $39.
This site smartly sells by categories AND sizes, so, even though it can be kind of pricey, it's a terrific resource when you're pining for a specific thing, like say, a vintage '70s jumpsuit.
What We Want: Beaded '80s Fringe Shawl, $215; Brass Ball Necklace, $105.Eight online vintage shops that make old treasures new again.