Party Pix: The Social Set In “Marrakech”

So we didn't actually go to Marrakech last night, but we sure got close. Alan Cumming and Anjelica Huston teamed up with the Moroccan National Tourist Office to host "Red Night," a dinner to honor the city of Marrakech. We were immediately transported across the Atlantic with a red gate right out of Aladdin (or SATCII), and the fantasy didn't quit once inside Skylight Studios. Red cocktails, exotic spices (the food was by La Mamounia's Zakia Aît Aboulahcen), crimson-clad musicians, and some very flexible dancers helped take guests out of the NYC humidity, if just for a few hours. And those from the social-set who took the trip were red-hot, too—Waris Ahluwalia, eligible bachelor Darrell Hartman, Vanessa von Bismarck, Cynthia Rowley, and Fern Mallis all made us wish that we were in Marrakech for real. Field trip please!