30 Color Combinations That Prove Rules Don’t Matter

For anyone dipping a toe into truly outside-the-box clothing colors, it seems that step one is to pair it with a neutral. You'll style one fire engine red piece with black — just black — and nary a hint of other hues. It's the beginner's approach to color play, and it's a great way to make a statement piece shine. But, from the hints we've been getting from last Fashion Week, we all could stand to step it up in a big, bold, and rebellious way.
As expected, there was no lack of neutral-meets-vibrant pairings in last February's runways, but the strangest palettes were the ones that stuck. Purples and orange, fluorescents with saturated shades from the opposite side of the color wheel, and marsala with just about everything. We'd happily lay out all the "pair this with that" rules for you, but unfortunately, they no longer apply.
In fact, the idea of "matching" is gone. Instead, we're aiming to find two (or three or four) shades that clash and contrast just enough so that every outfit looks intentional, thoughtful, and screw-the-rules cool. These 30 looks master this approach with aplomb.
For more ways to "Fuck The Fashion Rules," click here.

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