10 Things You Should Know About Orthorexia

Since coming forward with her personal revelation last year, Jordan Younger has been actively spreading the word about orthorexia and recovery. Her blog (once called The Blonde Vegan and now The Balanced Blonde) has introduced many readers to the eating disorder that affects so many people. She's written a memoir on her own experience with orthorexia, and today, she released a video on the topic for those who still might not get it — and there are many. "I decided to make this video because I know there is a lot of confusion out there about what orthorexia is exactly," says Younger. "On a daily basis, I get asked whether orthorexia is an eating disorder, a personality disorder, a disease, or (from the particularly uninformed) a 'cry for attention.'" It wasn't until she was in the grip of orthorexia herself that Younger first learned about it, and was able to seek the appropriate help. With this video, she's reaching out to those who may need help as well as those who are ill-informed or skeptical. That's not an issue unique to orthorexia, either. "I think the most common misconception is that we who suffer from eating disorders are completely in control of developing the disorder and recovering from it." Of course, no one with any experience with ED would mislabel it so callously, but it's simply a foreign concept to many. "I felt it was time to answer the questions head-on," says Younger. "I also feel it's important to remind people who are suffering that they are not alone." Check out the video and read more about Jordan Younger's journey.

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