Olivia Palermo Becomes A Style Star For…The Orthodox Community?

Top-buttoned blouses, maxi skirts, and high necklines might be part of our steady fashion rotation, but for Orthodox Jewish women, the modest styles are mandatory. And while following rules of demure dressing might have proven limiting in the past, modern-day Orthodox New Yorkers have been finding it easier and easier to shop in mainstream stores, style themselves in current trends, and have found an, uh, unlikely source of inspiration in...Olivia Palermo.
Though it may come as a surprise that such an experimental dresser could be an icon for the Orthodox community, going through OP's looks, it becomes clear that she does incorporate a ladylike sophistication that any woman, conservative or not, could aspire to.
"She really knows how to put herself together, not everything Olivia Palermo wears is modest, [but] she does wear a lot of long, flowy skirts and blouses," says Orthodox style blogger Sharon Langert. "It's very classy how she dresses."
Classy indeed. As it becomes easier and easier to find mainstream looks to suit more restrictive dressing codes, we're looking forward to discovering more unexpected Orthodox style stars, plus designers tailoring their designs to these limitations. And yep, if the looks are as chic as Olivia's long and layered wares, we're bound to buy them too, conservative or not. (Buzzfeed)

Photo: Via Buzzfeed