On the List: Our 50 Most-Wanted Holiday Gifts Under $100

Somehow, way up North, Santa maybe didn't get the memo about the lagging economy. We're not sure he would care a lick anyway—he'd probably feed us some line about how the holidays are all all about heart and friendship, and all that other good soulful stuff anyway.
Well, with our survival instincts in full gear, we've fashioned a foolproof list of gifts under $100 to please everyone on your wish list, from you're latest squeeze to your dear old Dad (he sure would look adorable in that Rogues Gallery scarf, wouldn't he?). Fingers crossed a few of these great goodies come across your path, too…chances are, they'll be more than worth the holiday war stories you'll be exchanging come January.
From left: Phuze Designs Glass Cocktail Rings, $62, available at A+R ; Cheap Monday Ombre Socks, $16 per pair, available at Tobi.
From left: LOMO Diana F+ Camera Kit, $99, available at Fred Flare; I Golfini Della Nonna Solar System Mobile, $97, available at Auto.

From left: Seychelles Cypress Platform, $98, available at Urban Outfitters; Donald Sultan playing cards, $25, available at Cooper-Hewitt.
From left: Luki Huber Baroque Skewers, $72 the set of 4, available at Cooper-Hewitt; Notebook Portable Grill, $29, available at Unica Home.
From left: Arik Levy Gold Doorstop, $81, available at Unica Home; Dolphin Studio Calendar, $98, available at Auto.
From left: Giles & Brother Nut & Bolt Bangle, $95, available at Barneys New York; Fruit Powered Clock, $18, available at Urban Outfitters.
From left: Express Ombre Long Gloves, $29.50, available at Express; The Evolution Store Flax Poster, $98, available at Evolution.
From left: Urban Outfitters DIY Sailing Ship, $18, available at Urban Outfitters; Jonathan Adler Mp3 Case, $48, available at Jonathan Adler.
From left: Mark McKenna DEK2: Arco DIY Lighting, $25, available at Cooper-Hewitt; Jessica Sutton Handmade Teddy Bears, $75, available at Fred Flare.
From left: Kehinde Wiley Beach/Bath Towel, $50, available at Artware Editions; Smokehouse Incense Burner, $35, available at A+R Store.
From left: Sears Beaded Purse, $10.50, available at Sears; Marimekko Memory Game, $29, available at Unica Home.
From left: Dutchbydesign Mobile Home Doll House, $39.60, available at Dutchbydesign; PLT NYC Toolset Earrings, $85, available at Gargyle.
From left: K-Mart Men's Plaid Vest, $24.49, available at K-Mart; L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasin Slipper, $49.95, available at L.L. Bean.
From left: Adam McEwen Store Signs, $50 the set of four, available at Artware Editions; Flora & Henri Hand-Knit Bowling Pin Set, $88, available at Flora & Henri.
From left: Bodo Sperlein for Lladro Porcelain Equus Magnifier, $60, available at The Future Perfect; Max + Unicorn Leather B-Fold Wallet, $90, available at In God We Trust.
From left: Carrie Sunglasses, $11, available at Fred Flare; Steven Alan Wool Skinny Tie, $39, available at Steven Alan.
From left: Mickey Mouse Jazz Hands Sweatshirt, $48, available at Fred Flare; Flora & Henri Mouse Pillow, $52.50, available at Flora & Henri.
From left: Rogues Gallery Anti-Tradition Football Scarf, $90, available at Gargyle; Alessandro Esteri One Year of White Pages Notebooks, $38, available at A+R Store.
From left: Martin Postler Paper AK-47 Kit, $42, available at A+R Store; Claudio Colucci Carafe Un Verre, $98, available at A+R Store.
From left: Acne Dallas Gloves, $99, available at Gargyle; John Derian Decoupage Plate, $88, available at John Derian.
From left: Feather Pin, $40, available Cooper-Hewitt; West Elm Thin Box Frames, $16-29, available at West Elm.
From left: Alexandra Cassaniti Endless Possibilities Bag, $75, available at Alexandra Cassaniti; Steven Alan Striped Cashmere Beret, $59, available at Steven Alan.
From left: Tobias Wong Box Cutter, $95, available at Matter; Pria Virgin Wool Scarf, $52, available at Blackbird.
From left: Princess Tina Leather Fox Pouches, $44 each, available at Chocosho; McBride Beauty Travel Kit, $36, available at Farmhouse Wares.
From left: D.L. & Co. Candle, $65, available at Auto; Jason Miller Seconds Dessert Plates, $90 the set of four, available at The Future Perfect.