Are You Daring Enough To Try “Oil Slick Eyes” This Weekend?

Warning: This eye look is not for the faint of heart. In fact, this glossy, avant-garde take on a smoky eye may just be our boldest Short Cuts video yet. Calling to mind the messy, oil-splattered cool of Mad Max: Fury Road, these fearless shadow lines mirror the texture and movement of paint, with a little help from your own brush strokes. Plus, it's stupid easy to do.
Watch the video above for the full look, and use the steps below to try it for yourself.
Step 1. Prep your eyelids with a bit of primer. Mix something glossy with black eye shadow on the back of your hand. (Makeup artists frequently use 8 Hour Cream or lip gloss, but if you have sensitive eyes, opt for something made specifically for the lids, like this Nyx Lid Lacquer.) Using any size brush you like, swipe your glossy-meets-shadow over your lid. Don't think too much about it — it shouldn't look precise!
Step 2. Add on a bit more as needed, using small strokes, until you have your desired impact. Optional: Pat a touch more gloss on the center of your lid for more shine.

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