The Best NYC Stores For Tapping Your Inner Witch

Photo: Courtesy of Catland.
In the mood for some autumnal magic? Whether you're in the market for a fresh smudge stick or want to find an obscure book on alchemy, you don't have to travel too far to conjure up some supplies. And, while every day is Halloween for plenty of New Yorkers, let's face it: This time of year is perfect for feeling a little witchier than usual. Don't know where to start? Here are just a few spots in the city that were practically made for getting in touch with the mystical side of life.
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Photo: Courtesy of Catland.
Catland — a name that nods to the apocalyptic folk group Current 93 — is a newish space in Bushwick that's totally worth the squished ride on the L train. The shop caters to all sorts, from garden-variety pagans to full-on chaos magicians, and sells books, magically inclined graphic novels, handcrafted powder incense, and oils, tarot decks, and runes. It also offers personal consultations and hosts rituals, classes, and other events right in its backyard.

Catland, 987 Flushing Avenue (between Evergeen Avenue and Bogart Street), Brooklyn; 718-418-9393.
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Photographed by Tory Rust.
Stick, Stone & Bone
Popular with healers and shamans, this tiny Greenwich Village spot serves the New Age crowd, with a huge selection of crystals and minerals to choose from. The offerings are in line with the Age of Aquarius — think dreamcatchers and dragon's blood incense — but it's certainly a cute shop to pop into if you're in the neighborhood.

Stick, Stone & Bone, 111 Christopher Street (between Bedford and Bleecker streets); 212-807-7024.
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Photographed by Tory Rust.
Rock Star Crystals
The name says it all. Rock Star Crystals is on the second floor of an unassuming building in the Flower District near Chelsea, and walking into the warehouse-esque space is like, well, finding a gem in the rough. It's tempting to spend hours here among the stones, geodes, clusters, and other goodies, if only because the shop itself is so darn relaxing and pretty.

Rock Star Crystals, 150 West 28th Street (between Sixth and Seventh avenues), Suite 201B; 212-675-3065.
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Photo: Courtesy of Namaste Bookshop.
Namaste Bookshop
Namaste is a one-stop shop when it comes to metaphysical and New Age supplies, whether you're leaning toward Eastern spirituality or you want your tarot cards read. There are chimes and crystals and mala beads and statues and flower essences and classes and talks… well, you get the idea.

Namaste Bookshop, 2 West 14th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues); 212-645-0141.
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Photographed by Tory Rust.
Although this isn't technically a New Age shop, why wouldn't you want to take a whiff of frankincense resin straight from Dhofar or rose oil from Morocco? Granted, taking a sniff of the oils emanating from this alembic diffuser will probably be the closest most of us get to Enfleurage's pricey potions, but it's still pretty magical.

Enfleurage, 237 West 13 Street (between Seventh and Greenwich avenues); 212-691-1610.
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Photographed by Tory Rust.
Crystals Garden
It could easily be mistaken for the average florist next door, but a peek through the shop's windows reveals an array of geodes and statues among the greenery. The small space is packed with plants of all sorts, but the stars of the show are the glass shelves filled with crystals of different sizes and shapes. There are various objects (wands, pyramids, balls, carved skulls, and more), natural and tumbled semi-precious gems, and jewelry galore. Plus, they'll make any stone you pick into a necklace, on the spot.

Crystals Garden, 246 East 10th Street (at First Avenue); 212-475-5710.
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Photo: Courtesy of Enchantments.
Enchantments offers a wide variety of dried herbs, handmade incense, essential and blended oils, and handcrafted bath salts based on the store's recipes. Although the East Village staple also sells books, tarot decks, some jewelry, and other supplies, it's probably best known for its custom candles, which are hand-carved on the spot with a sigil tailored around what ails you, with your name, and your astrological sign, then dressed with glitter and anointed with oils.

Enchantments, 424 East Ninth Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A); 212-228-4394.

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