5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 29 2012

The New York Times has set up a Tumblr to house their extensive (we're talking 10 million frames) photo archives of unpublished photos throughout the paper's run. Vintage, love it!(Animal New York)
Start your leap year off right by previewing the hottest new home goods at the Hugo Boss BOSS Home collection launch this Thursday at the 59th street Bloomingdales. The shindig starts at 6 p.m. (Bloomingdales)
Smoking or non? New York Public Library's digital menu archives (yeah, that exists) now includes 402 menus with cigarettes listed along with the food. What section, you ask? In the case of the Brooklyn Bicycle Club, with the sorbet, of course! (Gothamist)
Ever feel like your life could be an Oscar-winning movie (or at least a Sex and the City spin off)? This new app turns any YouTube video into an award-winning work of art a la The Artist in seconds. (Gizmodo)
Watch 'em while you still can – today marks the end of the Netflix-Starz partnership which means all the good movies classics like Big, Beetlejuice, and Scarface will soon abandon our queue. (Gothamist)

Photo Via Animal New York