The Perfect Makeup For YOUR New Year's Outfit

If you're the procrastinating type and are still pondering what you're going to be wearing (on your body and face) when the clock strikes 12 this Wednesday, then we're in the same boat. To be fair, we did just get off the roller coaster that was holiday party season, so we totally get the time crunch.
But, unless you plan to ring in the new year snuggled up next to Netflix (which, honestly, doesn't sound half bad), it's time to get primping. While we've already provided you with some makeup inspiration from a bevy of celebrities, as well as from our very own talented team, all of those ideas are null and void if they don't go with your outfit.
We've done the work for you, picking out some party-friendly dresses — think velvet, sequins, and ruffles — and pairing them with gorgeous makeup looks. All that's left to conquer is that hair of yours, which should be a piece of cake. You'll be fancy in no time.

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