Gorgeous Hairstyles For Super-Long Hair

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Sure, the lob may be the reigning cool-girl cut. And you may have a few friends who are snipping their strands into impossibly chic pixies. But that doesn't mean we've turned up our noses on Rapunzel-like length. Oh, no — in fact, the beauty industry is still majorly infatuated with down-to-there hair.
What's more, there are a ton of gorgeous hairstyles you can pull off with long hair. And we've rounded up some of our favorites for the next time you feel a style slump coming on. Click through for major long-hair inspiration, from updos to boho waves.
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Ballerina buns are, and will always be, a classic. Anchor yours with two French braids and you've got yourself a festival-friendly updo.
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Nicki Minaj's hair reaches her Osmose boots — and looks amazing with a simple center-part and stick-straight styling.
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When in doubt, go for a super-long ponytail. To jazz it up, add a velour tie around the base — the added accessory takes a boring pony from gym official to red carpet ready.
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Vanessa Hudgens threw half of her wavy, waist-length locks behind her shoulder, and it's still the most hair we've seen in a while.
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Braids don’t always have to look perfect. Elizabeth Olsen’s plait, created by hairstylist Mark Townsend, is as romantic as it is edgy. Tip: Score a similar look by twisting the top section of hair back, then pinning into little knots on top of a loose braid.
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Juxtapose a slick, middle part with a full, voluminous pony.
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Leave it to Gigi — and her stylists — to make two front and center braids look subtle in a swept up ponytail. We're definitely vibing with this unicorn-inspired moment.
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Jennifer Lawrence's thick, textured reverse-French braid shows off her gorgeous highlights.
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Not only is this three-strand braid beautiful in its simplicity, but it creates a fun fake-out. Loosen a few pieces in front to fool everyone into thinking you got a lob — until you turn around, of course.
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Chrissy Teigen always brings more than the status status quo — even when she's sporting a ponytail. Not only is the hair slightly twisted and sporadically wrapped with ties, but the pony is also looped back through the band at the bottom. Some clever bobby pin accents behind the ear work to bring the entire style together.
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Next time you style a low pony, try going letting a few loose strands frame your face. It's a modern version of our favorite '90s 'do.
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Double plaits look even better when they're a bit messy and undone.
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Fishtail pigtails are a more sophisticated twist on a traditionally youthful hair style.
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There's nothing wrong with channeling a Disney movie for long hair inspiration. (See: Elsa in Frozen, who is only excluded from this list because she's animated.)
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All you need is some glossy pomade, a dollop of mousse and a handful of bobby pins to recreate this sleek look. The best part is you can totally rock it at brunch the next day.
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Make your standard ponytail a little more exciting by wrapping it in a thick velvet ribbon. Finger-comb salt spray through your ends and mess up the texture for cool contrast.
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This braided half-up style is perfect for those days when you just can't deal with strands falling in your face.
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Hailee Steinfeld gives the classic half-up, half-down style a boho vibe with waves and a deconstructed braid down the center.
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Shay Mitchell's pulled-apart fishtail milkmaid braid is so stunning. The undone strands make a really complicated look appear effortless.
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A high braid is the easiest way to get your hair of of your face in the summer heat — just follow Bey's lead for a chic way to wear long hair up. Tip: Wrapping hair around the base of the plait adds polish and hides your elastic.
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You can't go wrong with a versatile topknot. You can dress the style up or down, making it a great option for your 9-to-5 and after-work drinks.
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Too lazy to do much of anything to your 'do? Try this trick: Run a cocktail of hair balm and mousse through just the top half of damp hair, then apply the excess left on your hands through your lengths. Smooth hair into a low, loose pony or bun, and let it dry. Remove and your natural texture will be left with added movement just through the bottom. C'est chic!
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At first glance, this hairstyle looks like your run-of-the-mill ponytail. But hairstylist Riawna Capri actually created four mini ponies underneath the first to inject more volume into Julianne Hough's locks.
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Throwing your hair in a pineapple won't just keep you cool — it will also reduce frizz and protect your strands.
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Try this lazy-girl-approved half bun that celebrity braider Justine Marjan created on the gorgeous Khloé Kardashian.
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A messy, twisted chignon is a great second-day hairstyle for long strands.
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The longer your hair, the longer your side braid can be. And we dig this Rapunzel-length plait.
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Large, uniform waves are a total '70s throwback — and look rad on slightly layered lengths.
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A twisted low bun is a fantastic take on your typical "toss it back and go" gym style.
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Skip the usual braid and opt for a rope braid instead.
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Bust out your half-inch curling iron and go for tighter twists. Add some flowers, and this is a lovely #TBT.
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Done 'dos are the latest hair trend, so reach for your blowdryer and a gorgeous shine spray.
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Embrace your boho vibes and twist two pieces of hair in the back of your head.
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A low ponytail is a classic go-to for long-haired ladies, but it gets a romantic update with a velvet ribbon.
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Don't feel like doing anything to your bedhead? Just slide in a couple of metallic hair accessories for an instant upgrade.
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When in doubt, swap out that low ponytail for a low braid. Make this look even cooler with a sleek, straight center-part.
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Lea Michele basically dropped the mic on all ponytail-braid hybrids with her triple knotted plait.
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