NYC’s Best Emerging Artists


At one point, you could buy a Warhol for the price of dinner, a Lichtenstein was practically free, and Picasso was giving away his paintings. Had you made the art investment, your bank account would never be the same—witness Jackson Pollock, once dirt-poor and sharing an apartment with his brother and his brother's pregnant wife—his painting "No. 5" sold for $140 million in 2006. Of course, you never know who's gonna become a star or who'll be forever struggling, but we put together a hit-list of emerging local creatives whom we wouldn't be surprised to see gracing the cover of Artforum. So, if you want to scoop up the next Hirst, why not skip that new pair of gladiators and apply some cash-money to a long-term investment. Even if it doesn't pay dividends, it'll still edge up your living room.

Here's 5 local artists to watch:


1. Poppy De Villeneuve: This London-to-NYC socialite and model is also a talented shutterbug and director, whose recent projects include a film for Elise Overland, a show at Colette, and a new photo series chronicling crowds watching music at Coachella. Her social connections coincide with real talent—think documentary-style images shot in on-the-road subcultures that are reminiscent of Robert Adams.
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2. Tom Long: An Institute of Chicago MFA grad, Long 's detailed paintings are a hodgepodge of Persian miniatures, illuminated manuscripts, and dreamy Ukiyo-e. The subject matter references Long's interest in 20th century science, science fiction, and space. If you want to see for yourself, he's currently showing at Gallery House in Brooklyn.
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3. Jason Villegas: Originally from Texas, Villegas recently got his MFA from Rutgers, where he sharpened his ink-and-paper drawings that deconstruct our consumer culture. Look for logos, beasts, and icons all taking pop-shots at global capitalism (we especially love the giant Lacoste alligator.) If you've got doubts, his work is now showing at LES's go-to gallery Envoy.

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4.Angelina Gualdoni: This Brooklyn-based painter focuses on modern ruins, giving an uneasy grace to housing projects, neglected parking garages, and decaying corporate high-rises. Angelina's clearly on-the-rise: She's part of an upcoming group show at Chelsea's prestigious Mixed Greens Gallery.
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5. RJ Raizk: At just 22, this East Village denizen works predominantly with wood, with Rothko-like triptychs that start dreamy, but at second glance seem a little dark. With a group show in June at Art Basel Switzerland, an eclectic group of friends that include Cécile Winckler and Catherine McNeil, and an upcoming feature in Bullett Magazine, we're pretty sure his future's so bright he's gotta wear shades.
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