NYC’s 12 Best And Strangest Charitybuzz Auctions Are Still Up For Grabs!

Whether you're a music lover, an avid foodie, or a fashion-forward fanatic, New York can always hit your sweet spot. Sometimes we take for granted (or forget) that we're the capital of pretty much everything cool. But this week, we got a reminder of just how rad our city really is when we checked out Charitybuzz's amazing website. Charitybuzz, an organization that offer once-in-a-lifetime auctions to raise funds for nonprofits, is giving you the opportunity do everything from hitting a ball with John McEnroe to hosting a private party at Tiffany's, to...uh, meeting Antonio Banderas. Since a ton of their items are NY-centric, we decided to round up the best (and the most questionable) auctions that are up for grabs in the Big A! And with proceeds benefiting several charities, dipping into this month's rent money might be a little easier to justify. So, whether you've got a couple thousand to blow, or you want to get voyeuristic, check out 12 of the current auctions that are still open to bidding.
1. Simon Doonan, the creator of Barney's legendary window displays, is offering a behind the scenes look at how it really goes down, for the oh so reasonable price of only $60,000 (!!??)
6 days left current bid $60,000
2. Chit-chat and chow down with Vera Wang at the Mercer Kitchen and talk about what you'll be spending your generous $10,000 gift certificate on. Start thinkin' girls (or in this case, dreaming)...
6 days left current bid $10,000

3. For all you straight dudes, this is as good as it gets. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two with the man in charge of it all, Brian Cashman. Then head back to his place (the stadium) and watch a home game in the one-and-only Legends Section. Whatta date.

6 days left current bid $$5,250

4. Get tennis tips from pro John McEnroe during your hour long one-on-one lesson. You might want to bring a helmet, we all know about his frequent temper tantrums.
6 days left current bid $10,000
5. Tour Diane Von Furstenburg's studio and win 2 tickets to her show and choose your very own complete DVF full look to round out your wardrobe?! (This one might actually be worth the sticker-price).
6 days left current bid $2,000
6. If you missed out on the $42,500 Anna Wintour auction, you've got 13 days to bid for a similar prize. This time, you'll still get to meet the "devil" herself, but there's no internship and it will cost you $5000 buckaroos.
3 days left current bid $5,000

7.Get a little buzzed and a whole lotta bling at Tiffany's private cocktail reception for you and 9 of your friends. Guys, take note, this is the perfect place to propose.

6 days left current bid $4,250

8. This one's a winner! Pay $250 for a month of not getting paid! The dudes at Rolling Stone Magazine want your free labor...for a price. (Aww but we kinda feel bad for them compared to Vogue
18 days left current bid $250
9. Unleash your inner Glee and win this ultimate fan package. Now's a good time to finally get started with those voice lessons
5 days left current bid $3,500
10. Just what we've always wanted (uh, riiiight)! A chance to meet hilarious and hunkalicious babe Antonio Banderas at a mysterious "special event". C'mon girls, start bidding!
6 days left current bid $250
11. Make it work! Be a VIP guest on Project Runway and meet Heidi Klum to find out if "you're in, or you're out."
19 days left current bid $1,000
12. This one's probably the funniest auction ever. Score tickets to a taping of SNL followed by a private party with Golden Girl Betty White. Dudes, this is your chance to score with a cougar.
4 days left current bid $7,000