Rain, Rain Go Away: An R29 Editor Revisits The Glory Days Of Summer

The weather outside is pure jank—sweater weather jumps into late June temps that all of a sudden become downpours spelling out f-r-i-z-z. Because we're ready to freebase Prozac until Mother Nature ups her own dosage, we're attempting to amp our cheer factor (and yours) by revisiting the summer that seemed to go by quicker than Donald Trump's kinda-sorta-not-at-all presidential aspirations. To give you some much-needed Vitamin D, our Senior Editor, Kristian Laliberte, is sharing seasonal snaps from his Fourth of July house party in the small, small (hard to pronounce) town of Nahant, Massachusetts. On board to celebrate America's B-day, a motley crew of 14 out-of-towners took the four-hour road-trip in the new Dodge Durango Citadel, and, upon arrival, immediately held the island hostage, rolling deep to country club dinners, cliff-jumping spots, sandy beaches, and, of course, grassy knolls (did we mention the ice luge?). Down-to-tan revelers like designers Timo Weiland and Miguelina Gambaccini, interior decorator Natalie Obradovich, and editor Yale Breslin pounded Solo cups like they were going out of style, in between an unseemly amount of outfit changes that might give you a dangerous O.D. on preppy-glam. With the rain in no mood to STFU, we'll take our chances—a little high would go a long way.
Click through to see Natalie Obradovich's dreamy snaps of this red-white-and-blue three-day fiesta (shot with Olympus PEN E-PM1, available at getolympus.com), with captions from Kristian. Let's get contact tipsy enough to ignore the downpour!

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