29 Signs It’s Summer In NYC

UPDATE: With these crazy temps, it's never felt more like summer than today. And, since the solstice is officially upon us, what better time to relive all the best warm-weather NYC activities? This story was originally published on May 1.
Every year, there's always that brief stretch where Mother Nature seems to be off her meds— one day we're shivering and the next we wake up with the pressing need to install our AC units. Sure, there's been some kind of spring this year, but really, we're ready for the big-heat kahuna. So, ever the optimists, we've taken to finding 29 signs it's summer (or about to be summer, or eventually will be summer) in NYC. While our list might launch a whole new back and forth in your office of "you know it's summer in NYC when…" we had our wheels turning all weekend to come up with the best ways that really signal our favorite season is just a hop, skip, and a jump (or a Shake Shack line, or a Jitney ride) away. If you're still debating with your desk-mates, feel free to give us some of your best seasonal signposts in the comments below. We promise you'll be sick of the outdoor cocktails, the rooftop parties, and the Hudson-side tanning in no time…right