5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 07 2011

We're a mix of thankful to Giuliani and nostalgic for carefree, ungentrified days over these photos of New York through the ages. Who are we kidding, we're not that tough. (Flavorwire)
We've taught you all about how to get street style snapped in the city, but here's a guide on what to do on the other side of the lens. (Fashion Copious)
The best and worst of NYC subway pics. (StreetsBlog)
The coolest pop-up shop we've heard of in a while? The Guggenheim...coming to the East Village in August! (Curbed)
Josh Hartnett was apparently denied entrance to a Montauk bar last Sunday after he cut the line. When he used the tried-and-true "Don't you know who I am?" tactic, the security guard responded, "Everyone is someone in the Hamptons." Ouch. (New York Daily News)