Your Realtor’s Resume Could Include Porn (& The Pillsbury Doughboy)

We've seen it before: models who eventually become designers, ballerinas who later direct dance companies, or porn stars who, well, stop making porn. But, it seems that all of these walks of life have one thing in common when it comes to their second choice of careers. They could be your realtor.
Middle-age (or any-age) career switches are often a part of life, but this particular, and potentially highly lucrative job is trending big time in The Big Apple. In a recent New York Times feature, we learn that a few of the major successes at Prudential Douglas Elliman, Corcoran, and Halstead Property — while they may appear suited up and ready to cut a deal — were once better versed on the art of spittin' rhymes in rap videos, performing a pas de deux, or knowing how to work the hard-core angles.
Said former porn star is Fredrik Eklund, who you might have seen on Bravo's Million Dollar Listings (don't be ashamed, we have), before catching him on screen in a very different environment. There's also the example of saleswoman Jackie Dunphy, who might shake your hand after passing you the keys to your new Hamptons digs — the very same hand responsible for once poking the Pillsbury Doughboys' belly before he chuckled so cutely on that commercial.
With New York real estate prices rising, and possibly realtor's salaries in respect to the market, it's no wonder a former entertainer may have a change of heart and turn to a job in sales. But, if we were in the position to hire one of these folks, you bet we'll be taking an extra close, eagle-eye look at the on-the-job skills listed in their resumes. (New York Times)

Photo: Via New York Times