This $2 Clear Mascara Is The Secret To Perfect Brows

Clear mascara was the first makeup product I ever put on my face — not counting the times I played with my mother’s blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. While clear mascara didn’t do much for my lashes, it certainly made an impact when I decided to experiment with it on my brows. Initially, I was just trying to get more bang for my buck, but the results changed my beauty routine for the better. Then, for whatever reason, I stopped using it. Related: Everything You Need To Know About The Nyx Lipstick Vault

I switched to tinted brow gels and tried for years to find the perfect one that didn’t clump, wasn’t too thick, and seamlessly brushed through my hairs without destroying the shape. I never fell head-over-heels, so I’ve returned to the OG option: clear gel. Related: This Weird Gadget Is Going To Change The Way You Do Your Hair

And it actually makes my hairs look thicker, fuller, and more precise. Kelley Baker, the woman behind Lucy Hale’s beautiful eyebrows, says that for someone with darker, bolder brows, it's best to opt for a clear product — or else, as I've experienced firsthand, brows might veer into caterpillar territory. Hey, when the solution is only $2, you won't find me complaining. NYC New York Color Show Time Lash & Brow Mascara in Clear, $2, available at Walmart. Related: Science Says This Is A Secret To Clearer Skin
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