5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 04 2011

New USW luxury building the Aldyn has an apartment for sale with a private outdoor pool (big enough for a swim meet) that's on the market for $15.9 million. Makes those Pierre Hardy $600 sneakers look bargain bin. (Curbed)
Peter Davis was named the E.I.C. of Avenue. As the luxury resource mag of the U.E.S., Davis is the perfect fit. Plus, he's definitely going to get the L.E.S. crowed amped to read it too. (WWD)
Taylor Momsen doesn't get naked for once. On the cover of Rock One (uh, what's that?), you can't see her cleavage. Unfortunately, the rest of her is still pretty un-age appropriate. (The Cut)
We wish we thought of this. While we usually go to Stowe, one ingenious New Yorker attached himself to a car and went skiing down Park Avenue. (Gothamist)
Westville East reopened last night!!! We're so excited we have nothing more to say. (EV Grieve)