6 Rad Public Pools For A City Staycation

Holy heck, it's getting hot! Because we can't run off to the beach every week, and there are only so many showers you can take in a day, we're giving you the inside scoop on how to get some much-needed poolside relief. We expect NYC to have everything we can ever need, and neighborhood pools are no exception. From upscale, swanky urban hideouts to the nearly-free pools open to every city swimmer, we've got the skinny (dipping!) on six locations that will come in pretty handy this summer. Grab the gang, your hottest swimwear, and we'll meet you at the deep end!

Click through for our list of six rad public pools for chilling on your day off.

Above, Gravity Fitness Center at Le Parker Meridien.

Though an all-day pass to chill by the Gravity pool will cost you a cool $50, it's worth it for those of you looking to go incognito for a relaxing day splashing around. Don't be surprised if you see a celeb or two trying to do the same.
119 West 56th Street (between 7th and 6th avenues); 212-708-7340.

We admit, Asphalt's indoor pool may not be the place to get your tan on. Nevertheless, this Upper East Side destination is a perfectly secluded place to get in some alone-time lap exersises; or, if your in a more social mood, take a water aerobics class with your buddies. Drop-in day rates are $35 for adults and $10 for kids.
555 East 90th Street (between York and East End avenues); 212-369-8890.

Above, Manhattan Plaza Health Club.

When entering Manhattan Plaza Health Club, you'll feel catapulted into a tropical vacation getaway that will immediately take your mind off all else. You can purchase one of their 25-day passes, which includes the use of their gym and pool. Relaxing or what?

450 West 43rd Street (between 9th and 10th avenues); 212-563-7001.


Despite it's campus location, John Jay's pool is not just college kids taking advantage of the free admission (yes, we said free!). Since it's 1940 opening to the public, students and families alike head for a dip in this quintessential city setting year-round. We suggest you do, too!

Between 78th and 76th Streets (on Cherokee Place); 212-794-6566.

Above, Grace Hotel pool.
Grace Hotel

Forget Boom Boom Room or The Jane. Grace Hotel's pool is like the wet-and-wild love-child of the Boom Boom Room and The Borgata. With its colored lights, poolside bar (we're totally on board with the two-drink minimum), and $10 admission fee, this is bound to be the go-to nighttime hot-spot as the city heats up, and you can't quite get to that infinity pool in Wainscott.

125 West 45th Street (near Avenue of the Americas); 212-354-2323.

For those of us looking for a spot to cool off without having to spend much, dive into, Riverbank! Located in Riverbank State Park this is the public pool for the masses. Kids under 4 years are free, under 15 or 62 and older are $1, and for you adults, it'll only cost a measly $2. Feel free to bring lunch and set up at the picnic tables, or perhaps check out a tennis match.

679 Riverside Drive (near West 145th Street); 212-694-3600.