Top Secret: Skincare Tips From NYC’S Best Derms

What's up, Doc? The perfect combo of doctor-approved, medical-grade skincare and how-come-I-never-knew-that beauty tips from the city's top dermatologists, that's what. Because getting perfect skin can be, well, a challenge, we went straight to the source, getting the scoop from four New York City derms on how to primp and preen the medical way. In addition to the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you're in the hands of a professional, these experts not only have the know-how and the access to the best skincare secrets and ingredients in town, they've got the skincare lines to back up their expertise. Want to know what doing shots has to do with sunscreen, or why you should be putting soy milk on your face instead of drinking it? Read on!
Check out the ultimate skincare secrets from New York's top dermatologists.