24 Real-Girl Beauty Looks That Are Totally Sweat-Proof

Photographed by Tory Rust.
Raise your hand if your makeup is currently melting off your face. It's August, it's scorching, and putting on a full face just seems pointless. If you're asking yourself if it's possible to look hot AF when it's hot AF, you'll want to stick around and read this.
To answer that question, we went underground to the subway — that sweaty, muggy, sweltering cavern New Yorkers pile into every morning. Once down there, we looked for women who magically managed to look cool — even in the cars with no air-conditioning. (By the way, MTA, that is cruel and unusual punishment.) And damn, did they have some amazing hair and makeup. There were bold lips, chic braids, and flawless cat-eyes — all holding their own against the heat.
So, yes, you can look good when the mercury spikes. You just have to know the secrets. Click through to see the best beauty looks of our subterranean sisters. They're a good reminder that inspiration is everywhere, including your morning commute.

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