Is Nudity Having Another Major Moment?

Upon opening a fashion magazine, we anticipate a luxe look at the season's most covetable wares. Especially with September issues piling up (who has time to read 'em all!), the next few weeks are going to be filled will planning our future (dream) wardrobes.
But, between the designer profiles and hard-hitting Q&A's, you may feel as though your glossies are missing the exact thing you had been looking for — clothing. That's right, more and more stars are stripping for the lens, undoubtedly jumping aboard the nudity bandwagon. Of course, A-listers have been in various states of undress for ages, but it seems like everyone and their moms (literally, in some cases), are dropping trou for the world to see.
And now, editorials and covers aren't the only places you catch a glimpse of a star's naughty bits — ad campaigns are selling dresses, jewelry, and shoes by featuring very little of the actual product being worn by the models. Case in point: Natalie Portman just went topless for Dior, and Scarlett Johansson posed in nothing but a bedsheet for Dolce & Gabbana — only fueling the frisky flame.
So, is baring it all the new black? Before you answer, play peeping Tom and take a peek at the Hollywood hotties who have left little to the imagination. Good thing today's a government holiday, because this slideshow is somewhat NSFW! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Photo: Via The Hollywood Reporter