We Completely, Completely Geek Out Over Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is surprisingly tall. Not to suggest that the man behind Walking Dead's most beloved character, the awesome, cross-bow wielding Daryl, would be short, but generally when people are paired with big weapons and enveloping cloaks, one gets the general impression they are smaller in stature. (Also, he looked smaller next to mega-heeled Gaga when he played Judas in her video of the same name.) But any diminutive vibes are just smoke-and-mirrors; Reedus is pretty imposing. But he is also the nicest guy in the world.

(Please note: The author of this post is a creepily huge Walking Dead fan, and has adored Reedus since his Boondock Saints days. In fact, Reedus wasn't actually doing interviews, but this author squealed and waved like a maniac, and, perhaps thinking she was having some type of fit, Reedus took pity on her and gracefully answered her questions. He also gave her a hug, which in no way affected her decision to conduct a neutral, un-fawning interview.)


We are here at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's premiere of Stoker, with Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman. Why are you here?

"I just love the director, Chan-wook Park. Oldboy is one of my favorite movies of all time. He's really incredible."

You love interacting with your Walking Dead fans on Twitter and Instagram. Is this a new thing for you?

"Yeah, they are some of the greatest, most passionate fans."

Okay, if Merle and Daryl got in a fight, who would win?
"Oh man, Merle would definitely kick Daryl's ass. No doubt about it. He is one mean guy."
Well, Daryl is kind of a mean guy, too. Look, we might get some flack for this, but who do you think is now the real hero of Walking Dead? Because it used to be Rick, but he is kind of losing his marbles, so we now think it is Daryl, who is our favorite.
"The entire arch of my character is really awesome. He's come a long way since season 1, and I think he is only going to get more interesting. He's a really different guy now, and has done a lot of growing."

So, are you the ultimate anti-hero?

"Ha. My characters in both Walking Dead and Boondock Saints might let you think so. I am more interested in the struggle than being a good guy all the time. I like characters who tell a story and go through an experience and are just kind of bad-assed."


So, what's next for you? Just all Walking Dead, all the time?

"Well, I've got a film coming out at Tribeca with Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon. It's kind of a love triangle story. I am also working on a really crazy, really amazing cartoon. Think Adult Swim."

Will it be on Adult Swim?
"I can neither confirm or deny. But have you ever seen Wonder Showzen?"

Wonder Showzen rules.

"Well, think of Wonder Showzen. You know, 'Kids on the beat. Beat kids!'"

Um, can you hang out with us, always?

Photos: Courtesy of Dave Allocca/Starpix


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