Fresh Takes On “Flattering” Clothes

Don't get me wrong, I want to care when people in my life say “You shouldn’t wear an oversized shirt with oversized pants, it makes you look bigger than you are,” or, “Why can’t you show off your legs? They’re beautiful! What are you trying to hide?” But the truth of the matter is I feel most empowered dressing for myself, and what I consider flattering rarely has to do with silhouette — and more with the flyness factor of a pair of oversized cargo pants, or an amazing structured mini skirt. If you catch me looking something like Violet Beauregarde in a badass, too-oversized blue pant suit, you better believe I’m amped to have that beautiful blueberry-girl as my muse.
Whether in a super-baggy outfit, or a plunging neckline and sky-high heels, my most confident days are always a reflection of satiating my personal taste, instead of trying to cater my sartorial choices to those around me. In my opinion, the term “flattering” should be defined on a personal level. Whatever makes you feel good is what matters — whether or not the people around you agree.
To be clear, I am by no means suggesting that you reject all clothes that are made to flatter; I am suggesting that you can stop feeling the pressure to buy another pair of average stilettos instead of the granny heels you love. Why not take the leap towards more dynamic options? The slideshow ahead is filled with super-fly items that are less traditionally flattering than your run-of-the-mill skater skirt, your average stilettos, or go-to peplums — but will definitely make you just as happy.

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