25 Unexpected Ways To Accessorize For The Holidays

During the holidays, we find ourselves piling on the accessories — usually defaulting to the sparkliest, most shimmery jewelry we can find. But, getting dressed to the nines during the most festive season of the year doesn't necessarily mean the brightest of baubles are always the best option. Rather, different, more "subversive" accessories can give your look that extra easy breezy, cool-girl pizzazz that a glittery something sitting pretty on your neck might not be cut out for.
As your party calendar begins to fill up, it's time to think about what you're going to wear — and just how you're going to accessorize. Ahead, we go beyond jewelry to show you the latest, most unexpected ways to accentuate your outfit. Click ahead to feast your eyes upon bold statement belts, on-trend neck scarves, and geometric hair clips that will surely synch, tie, and clip your look all together. And really, what more could you (and your wardrobe) ask for?