8 Of The Best Products For The No-Makeup Makeup Look

No-makeup makeup. It’s a paradox, right? Unless you’re blessed with a pre-filtered face, you’ll need to work to look like you just #wokeuplikethis. Without an oxblood lip or smoky eye, perfect skin and great brows are key.
Layering is your first lesson. Rather than a foundation that’ll cover redness and bumps while leaving you looking a bit corpse-like, you need a base that offers a bare-skin effect through optical diffusors (usually through the use of finely ground minerals) that bounce light off the skin and create an instant glow. If needed, you can sandwich this between a radiance-boosting primer and some color-correcting trickery, but again, layer lightly. Beyond that, keep your textures sheer and glowing, and blend, blend, blend — then, blend again.
Here’s what you’ll need to achieve the look...

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