XO’s With Writer Nicolette Mason

It's really a crying shame that there aren't at least two dozen more Nicolette Masons in the publishing world. Maybe if we did have a sudden influx of fun, bitingly funny style and design obsessives talking loud (and proud) about their plus-size status, there'd be more women happy with their own bodies and a lot more designers clamoring to create clothes they'd love. For now, at least, we have our current clutch of plus-sized bloggers and Mason's personal website along with her Hello Style-developed "Big Girl in a Skinny World" column at Marie Claire.
But, lest you think plus-size matters are all she's about — or why we took the L to her Williamsburg apartment — there's another reason the world could always use more folks like Mason. Trained at Parsons and an experienced consultant with clients like Chanel, Unilever, Christian Dior, eBay, ASOS, Modcloth, and more, the lady has developed a seriously unique design sense. She might tell us she's channeling Domino, but as you'll see, her apartment filled with indie art and Target picks is 100% Nicolette.

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