Take That Gaga! Nicki Minaj Is Now Green (Or Blue? Or Seafoam?)


Lately, celeb fashion is like a cage-match showdown (with six-inch heels and push-up bras). The players? Pop stars. Gaga hits hard with her meat dress, her mermaid, and, of course, her egg. But Nicki Minaj puts up an equal fight courtesy of her Harajuku Barbie ensembles, weird Pope dress at the Grammys, and, her latest knock-out punch, green skin from H to T (with a little super-hero garb in between). It looks like this really makes her pink hair kinda "meh," right? The star sat down to pose for
, and in doing so revealed a whole new persona (and really, a whole 'nother level for makeup touch-ups in between shots). While this seems a bit impractical for everyday, when it comes to this heavypint-sized-hitter, we wouldn't put it (or anything else) past her.

Photos: Courtesy of Vogue