Order Up: The NYC Restaurants With The Hottest Waitstaff

Here's something yummy we didn't see on the menu. Fifteen NYC restaurants have been shouted out for having the hottest servers in the city. Sexy guys and gals have been spotted scooping gelato at Eataly, perfecting latte art at Strumptown in the Ace Hotel, and BBQing at Fette Sau in Williamsburg. Eater NY has the full list of culinary hot spots, including Beauty & Essex, and Joseph Leonard (one of our West Village faves), with beautiful staffers who have caught our eye. Is it all aspiring models and actors who are moonlighting, or are these hotties just as enthusiastic about good food as we are? Either way, we will be going back for seconds. We'll have today's special... and take the waiter to go.

Image via Guest Of A Guest