Why Aren’t You At Work? Answered.

You know those precious moments in between a dentist appointment and the subway back to work, when you realize there are people walking their dogs in sweats? Then, there are those sunny days when you see diners eating in the gourmet deli, while you rush to pick up a sandwich on your 10-minute lunch break. And, what about those few seconds when you grab a coffee mid-afternoon and realize the bookstore is (gasp!) full. What is that all about? Like, seriously: Why are these people not at work?
Obviously, there are those with careers (freelance anything, night shifts, students, etc.) that don't follow the 9-to-5 grind. And, we wanna find out what they are, and how much time they actually afford people to be, well, away from their desk. So, we decided to ask the question, "Why aren't you at work?" Ahead, 40 people 'fess up.