The Future Of Skin Care

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Skin care is at the forefront of technology. Just think about all the products on the market today that didn’t exist (or weren’t as prevalent) when our mothers were growing up — from the Clarisonic to retinols.
The industry is progressing so rapidly that we think it’s a good time to take a step back and peek into the future. And, we've already uncovered what's coming down the pipeline for hair — so what about skin?
So, we chatted with dermatologists, brand founders, and product developers about what’s coming next. And, the future looks bright. We're looking at ingestible SPF, printable products, and synthesized naturals that may be better for you than the real thing. The crazy part is that this is all within reach in the next decade or so.
Take a look into our crystal ball to see what lies ahead for your face.

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