The Celeb Guide To Debuting Your New Hair

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It's pretty much impossible to go a day without hearing about some celebrity chopping or coloring their hair. While we mortals keep our salon appointments to two or three a year, famous folk seem to be taking spins in their stylist's chair like it's an Uber. They're not just getting simple trims either — swinging from pastel, to jet-black, to blue pixies, and then throwing in some extensions just to keep you guessing. Keeping up with all this could be a full-time job.
One thing they all have in common is the dramatic way in which they announce their new hair. In fact, there are only about seven basic strategies all celebs seem to use.
Ahead, peruse the starlet's guide to debuting a new 'do. Like engagements and births, this is an important life event that deserves the proper attention — and social media promotion.

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The 'Grammer
See: Pretty much every celebrity.
While plenty of people use Instagram for cat photos and #foodporn, celebs tend to think of it as a platform to show off their #newcuts. Why not? Just about everything looks better with a filter. #blessed
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The Red Carpet Revealer
See: Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung
In Hollywood, you can either go big or get out. Stars who choose the former have the perfect arena to do so: the red carpet. You're almost guaranteed publicity, and you're already dressed to the nines to go with your new 'do.
The Justin Bieber Instagram Interloper
See: Kendall Jenner
Oh, Kendall. You're so adorable. You figured no one would pay attention to your short cut, since the rest of your fam has been making much more drastic hair changes. So, what did you do? Debuted the 'do on Justin Bieber's (who is totally just a friend, guys) Instagram — in video format! Thanks to the erratically moving camera, blurry lighting, and weird angle, people only got a tiny tease of your new chop — but enough to set off a heated debate on whether it was a cut or just another faux-bob moment.
The Tweeter
See: Anna Paquin
We're going to tell you something insane — not everyone has Instagram. Gasp! What are folks like Anna Paquin supposed to do when they decide to dye their hair? Tweet it, of course. Hey, as long as people are paying attention.
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The Paparazzi Ambush
See: Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner
The paparazzi are like North Face jackets on a college campus in upstate New York — unwelcome and everywhere. Of course, these guys are going to snap the first pics of a hair makeover here and there — like Beyoncé and her polarizing baby bangs at the airport.
Photo: Courtesy of Wonderland.
The Cover Girl
See: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus
Hats off to the girl who keeps her new strands under wraps — until they show up on the cover of a glossy magazine. Or, who can pull off a major makeover for just a day, like Taylor did on the cover of Wonderland. Applause.
The Stylist-Spiller
See: Chrissy Teigen, Lauren Conrad
Sometimes, a celebrity leaves the announcing to their stylists. This makes sense: The person in question did perform the act of hair surgery. Why shouldn't they take the credit?

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The Selfie Queen
See: Kylie Jenner, Kylie Jenner, oh, and Kylie Jenner
Need we say more?

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