New Cosmo App For Dudes Has A Sex Map

Perhaps you've been in the closet about this, but there is no need to hide the truth anymore. Guys read Cosmo. We can't say we're shocked that dudes would sneak their girlfriends' copies, especially when the cover stories include 50 new steamy bedroom moves or creative ways to use lube. However, Editor-in-Cheif Kate White says the popular ladies' publication has found a brand new way to "take out the guess work" for the dudes who are frequent Cosmo readers and are "fascinated about what makes women tick." Introducing the first Cosmo for Guys (or CFG for short), an iPad-exclusive app that's a virtual manual for the distressed and misdirected bro. To get a taste, a few of the features of the first monthly edition include "5 Awkward Date Situations-Solved," "Read Her Mind," and "The CFG Sex Map." So, go ahead fellas, read your Cosmo in confidence! But leave the Sex Map at home, we're not experts, but that could be the most awkward of all date situations.