Never Mix Up The Olsen Twins Again With This New Mary-Kate and Ashley Look-By-Look Guide

Whoopsie daisy! It seems that UK's Daily Mail (what is it with these British papers) ran into a little bit of double trouble this week when the paper mistakenly ran a story about a supposed makeup-free Ashley Olsen, who, upon further inspection, turned out to be none-other than her sister, Mary-Kate. While they may have tricked us for years both playing Michelle Tanner, these two fraternal twins are now a cool 25-years-old and—with most of those years spent in the public eye—you'd think the mainstream media would be able to tell them apart by now, even just based on dress when facial features fail to differentiate. Well, Daily Mail, do not fear making this mistake again. Fashionista has stepped up to the plate and done us all a huge favor by compiling a Look-by-Look Guide to telling the girls apart. The best part? Commenters are in heated debate over some of the photos Fashionista has captioned as one twin or the other. Let the Mary-Kate vs. Ashley guessing game continue!

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