This Amazon Facial Steamer With 33K Reviews Made My Skin Feel Bouncy

Among the endless sea of stuff sold on Amazon, occasionally a particular product shines through that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. Members of the R29 Shopping squad go through this discovery journey often. Whether it's unearthing the ultimate dead-skin solution or a collagen cream that rivals a new face, there seems to be a never-ending well of usefulness to be found within the retail behemoth's virtual aisles. I myself recently stumbled upon such a holy-grail good: the multi-use nano ionic facial steamer, a three-in-one product that hydrates your skin, operates as a towel warmer and humidifies rooms. Amidst a battle with the Covid-19 Omicron variant, my Nigerian mother urged me to purchase the apparatus in hopes that some good old-fashioned medicinal practices would relieve my congestion and runny nose. Although I was too exhausted to use the device while actually sick, I got better acquainted with it once recovered — finding it to be the perfect little dose of self-care. Even better, I’d say, for gifting the mother figure in your life — which, thanks to its Prime status, will still arrive in time for Mother’s Day (if you order right this second!). Keep reading for my full review.

How Do You Use A Facial Steamer?

The Pure Daily Care Nano Ionic Facial Steamer arrived promptly (within two days) after purchasing it online through the Amazon app. After I unboxed it, I noticed it looked just as pictured. It's roughly about the size of a smaller kitchen appliance. It was really easy to understand how it worked. The steamer has three different functions. It can serve as a towel warmer, a smaller room humidifier, and a facial steamer. There were a few sheets of paper, and I quickly located the one that explained how to use each function and read through it in a couple of minutes.
The directions were very easy to understand. I filled the water container and inserted it back into place. I turned the dial to "facial steamer" and probably within a minute or two steam started coming out of the main head. I positioned myself face as close to the steamer as I could while also avoiding being close enough to get scalded. I let the steam run over my face for about the length of a couple of YouTube videos (roughly 22-25 minutes) until the water was out. The steam came out in mostly an even spray/mist, but there were times when it was a little less or a little more steam coming out. As for the steam itself: it felt so luxurious wafting over my face. It had a relaxing impact on me, and it was ultra-moisturizing too, so much so that my skin felt bouncy after. I felt the difference in the plumpness of my face, and it bestowed a bit of a glow. There wasn't ever a moment where my face was dripping wet. It was moderate pacing, and the amount never felt excessive. I was curious how simple vaporized water could have such a glorious impact on my skin, and I figured the handy dandy product description was a great place to start for more info on this beauty wonder.

What is nano-ionic steam?

According to the brand, the steamer uses “nano-ionic” steam, “combining a conventional heating element with a new ultrasonic vaporizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles.” This ionically infused steam, says Pure Daily Care, “is up to 10 [times] more effective in penetrating the skin” with the benefits of steam, which helps open pores and loosen embedded dirt that can cause blemishes.

What Are The Effects Of A Facial Steamer?

My newfound face elasticity made more and more sense considering the science of nano steamers and ion particles. With over 33,000 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars, other reviewers seemed to be having a glow-up similar to my own. One reviewer exclaimed, "I love using this Nano Steamer! Gives a good amount of hot steam, which helps open up my pores for easy blackhead/whitehead extraction. I tried a different brand [of] facial steamer before and was completely unsatisfied — it barely [emitted] any steam and wasn't hot enough. This Nano Steamer does exactly what it's supposed to do! It's almost like having a mini sauna at home."

To top it off, not only is the steamer really easy to use, it comes with a set of acne extraction tools as well. I personally don't trust myself to avoid causing harm to my skin with the extraction tools, so I won't be using those. However, I'm honestly so pleased with the results, and I didn't even get a chance to test drive the other features. This steamer really gives a whole new meaning to TLC. Since it is available through Amazon Prime for only $49.95, it makes the perfect affordable, last-minute gift as well — whether you’re still shopping for Mother’s Day or just want to treat yourself to a little self-care.
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