My LA: Jasmin Shokrian

From her La Cienega studio, Jasmin Shokrian designs some of the most beautiful clothing to come out of L.A. Her perfectly draped dresses and strong-silhouetted separates have made a name for this SoCal designing woman, but she also knows all about the best-of-the-best on her off time, too. Whether she's checking out the coolest emerging artists at the Hammer in Westwood, or sitting and drawing tucked between the stacks at the glorious Arundel bookstore on Beverly, we were super psyched to pick the brain of one of our favorite Cali style-stars.
Check out Jasmin's top five L.A. hot-spots:

1. The Hammer Museum: "This museum has a great mix. I come here to check out the best of both emerging and established artists."

Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Boulevard (at Westwood Boulevard); 310-443-7000.


R29 note to readers
: If you're in the neighborhood, Marilyn Monroe was buried just a few blocks from the Hammer, along with Natalie Wood Wagner and Truman Capote! See Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary for more information.

2. Arundel Books: "This happens to be right next to another long time favorite, The Beverly Hills Juice Club, so I find myself here often. I checking out the beautiful books here, and find endless hours of inspiration, plus there's a wonderful table to sit and draw."

Arundel Books, 8380 Beverly Boulevard (between Orlando Street and Kings Road); 323-852-9852.

3. Sonia Boyajian Studio: "I always try to visit my friend Sonia's Los Angeles studio-shop. She has a beautifully curated collection of clothing here—for someone who loves fashion, it's literally like walking into a candy shop."

Sonia Boyaijian Studio, 2127 Bronson Avenue (at Foothill Drive); 323-464-9374.

4. Mameg Boutique: "In my opinion, Mameg is the most interesting store in L.A., if not the world. This boutique is conjoined with the Margiela store in Beverly Hills, and the amazing selection includes Hussein Chalayan, Charles Anastase, Jil Sander--plus my line. It's perfect."

Mameg, 9970 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Moreno Drive); 310-556-2600.

5. Marc Foxx Gallery: "Marc's gallery has a strong appeal to both young and seasoned collectors, and a lot of designers and artists I know really love the work displayed here. I loved a recent show I saw of Richard Aldrich's work at this gallery...Marc was one of the first galleries to show this artist, and I definitely think he's ahead of the curve."

Marc Foxx Gallery, 6150 Wilshire Boulevard (at Crescent Heights Avenue); 323-857-5571.

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