– The Man-Bag Blog With Attitude

There's a new must-know fashion term in our midst: Murse (pronounced mer-s)— a bag a man carries to tote around daily necessities, all the while staying conscious of the pressing need to properly accessorize. And, to celebrate the (say it with us now) murse in all it's glory, new website, MurseGame has arrived on the scene, chock-full of inspirational murse photos. The MurseGame manifesto admits that when it comes to the man-bag, "There are a lot of grey areas." It then goes on to ask itself, "Is a duffle a murse? Is a satchel a murse? Is a messenger bag a murse? Is a leather backpack a murse?" It's these kinds of rhetorical musings that make up the blog's gallery of men carrying all sorts of bags, and of course, looking fly (hey dudes, here's one for you). Whether you're a bag enthusiast, a man enthusiast, or a little bit of both, this is the site for you. Check it out, shout us out, and tell us what you think of this new fad in the comments below!

Photos: Via MurseGame