A Gross Pic Of A Rat Could Win You A Free 30-Day Metrocard

Rats in New York subways are kind of like birds in the sky or fish in the ocean. We just expect them to be there, and if for some reason they're not, it's kind of worrisome — like, a check-the doomsday-clock kind of worrisome. Transit employees, however, are understandably fed up with these furry, long-tailed co-workers.
Jim Gannon, a TWU Local 100 spokesman, sums up their frustration best when he eloquently says "Who the hell wants to work around hundreds of freaking rats?" Amen, brother. In an effort to get the MTA to hire more staff to help keep the rodent population at bay, workers have organized the "Rate My Rat" photo contest, where commuters can upload pics they've taken of subway rats, and then users can rate the rats on a scale that ranges from "handsome" to "beastly." (Warning: There are some graphic images of dead rats involved here.)
Whoever submits the picture that is voted to be the "nastiest" will win an unlimited monthly transit pass, which, frankly, is one hell of an awesome prize, but then again it also means you might be spending more time taking the subway with, you guessed it, a whole bunch of rats. Although we're not sure if the rat voted "most dapper" wins anything, we hope, at least, that there is a reality show contract in his or her near future. (MSNBC)

Photo: Via MTA.info