The Only Jacket That You’ll Never Get Sick Of

There was the year of the slim blazer, and that one time you thought cropped cardigans were it. You might be all about that teddy-bear coat right now, but there's a reason you bought the cheaper one — and you know why. The truth is, jacket trends are as fleeting as any other, but they're also on the more expensive end of the spectrum. There are few jackets that you'd want to wear for the rest of your life; fewer that would actually last that long.
But, there is one style you'll only have to buy once in your life: A black motorcycle jacket. Whether it's stiff, skinny, made of faux leather, or slightly twisted, once you've got your jacket, you're basically done. It pulls together any outfit, looks chic at any age, and simply will not go out of style — and we'll bet you all our other jackets on that fact. Click through six outfits featuring the trusty moto, and go pay your own some TLC afterward. If you don't have one yet, now's the perfect time to shop.

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