5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
Stretching in the morning is a great way to feel energized (not to mention prevent injuries). But if you've only got time for one, we'd suggest making it the reclined bound ankle pose to get your whole body involved. (Self)
Your teeth might be the last thing on your mind in the middle of SoulCycle, but there's a chance your workout could be contributing to tooth decay — especially if you're rehydrating with sugary energy drinks. Stick to water as much as possible and, if you're lifting weights, invest in a mouth guard.
Just like the rest of us, therapists aren't immune to mental illness. But they have unique insights about ways to prevent an episode of depression or anxiety. For instance, one recommends mindfulness meditation to get into a more relaxed and compassionate state of mind. (Prevention)
The formula for a perfect pre-run snack is one that even the greatest (and fittest) minds are still tinkering with. But if you're a fruit fan, we'd suggest going with a bright, juicy orange because they don't contain as many sugar alcohols as other fruits. That means you'll be less likely to need a bathroom break around mile three.
Does breakfast get any easier than just throwing a bunch of good stuff in a bowl? Try these delicious-looking recipes and let us know. (Greatist)

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