Money Shot

A grown-up new travel wallet with style to spare. By Christina Panas
It used to be that if you were a guy and wanted a simple, classic wallet for stowing your essentials, you had two options: nylon sporto style or overpriced leather billfold of ambiguous Italian origin. In a market split between luxe and low-end, the designers behind the newly launched accessories line güs have charted an intriguing middle ground, bridging the gap between plebian and pretentious. "Güs is all about bringing back that really nice quality of handmade goods, but with the addition of contemporary style and functionality," says Mark Loncar, one half of the label's San Francisco-based design team.
True to fusionary form, the highlight of their collection—the Passport Folio—combines classic craftsmanship and sharp attention to detail with specialized features particular to the modern traveler: Beyond providing ample space for storing a passport, foreign currency, and frequent-flyer cards, the Folio offers two dedicated SIM chip pockets, allowing today's jet-setting gent to store his most vital international tech accessories for safekeeping. Hearty, vegetable-tanned saddle leather gives the piece a substantial, old-school feel while the nifty contrast stitching and the label's signature "splitshot" perforation pattern keep it fashionably interesting. And ringing in under $200, the new güs Passport Folio offers a great return on your investment…with style to spare.
The güs Passport Folio, $189.99, at Zero Minus Plus at Fred Segal, 500 Broadway, Santa Monica, California; 310-395-5718 and online at
A grown-up new travel wallet with style to spare.

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