We Tried These Money Apps & Saved Hundred of Dollars

Illustration by Abbie Winters.
For some people, managing money comes down to grabbing a piece of computer paper, jotting down their outgoing expenses, their incoming funds, and mentally deducting a certain portion for fun. For others, an assist is needed, especially if it can be automated.
The number of financial apps and the people who use them has skyrocketed in recent years, ranging from banking apps that consumers can use to check their balances (and double-check how much they spent on drinks the night before…), or review their portfolios. With so much noise, it can be difficult to tell what is truly useful, can give the clearest pictures of one’s finances, and possibly lead to constructive changes.
To see which savings apps really works and why, Refinery29 will be testing out various savings apps and giving reviews on which you might want to download, and which you can definitely skip.

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